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24December 1939

Pope makes appeal for peace

On this day, Pope Pius XII gave a speech appealing for worldwide peace and the right of all nations for life and independence.

Speaking to the Catholic College of Cardinals, the Pope said all nations, both weak and strong, had a right to freedom and independence.

“When this equality of rights has been destroyed or damaged or imperilled, the juridical order calls for reparation and justice.”

Pope Pius XII, 24th December 1939

The Pope implored the world’s nations to cease their arms raise, and instead focus on peaceful resolutions.

“The nations must be freed from the burden of armament races and from the danger that material forces may become not the defender but the tyrannical violator of right.”

Pope Pius XII, 24th December 1939

The Pope appealed for all nations to come together and take part in peace discussions. He said that “lessons could be drawn from past experience”.

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