Battle of Taipale ends in victory for Finland

A Soviet tank advanced through the snow, photographed in 17 December 1940.

On this day, the Battle of Taipale ended in a defeat for the Soviet Red Army and victory for the Finnish defenders.

The Battle of Taipale began on 6 December, when the Soviet 49th and 150th Rifle Divisions of the 7th Army tried to cross the Taipale River at three locations. Since then, the Soviet invasion armies have suffered huge numbers of casualties, despite having numerical superiority over the Finnish forces. The objective of the Red Army was to penetrate the Mannerheim Line, a defensive line running along the Finnish side of the shared border with the USSR. With the end of the Battle of Taipale, the Soviets have failed to penetrate into Finland.

It’s estimated more than 10,000 Red Army troops were killed in the invasion, compared with 2,250 Finns either killed or injured.

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