British steam merchant ship strikes mine laid by u-boat, sinks

U-9, a German submarine similar to U-24, which laid the mine.

A British steam merchant ship, the Carmarthen Coast, struck a mine and sank on this day.

The Carmarthen Coast, commanded by Master J.O. Rowlands, struck the mine at 7:20 am approximately three miles off the English east coast, near Seaham harbour. Two crew members, who were on watch at the time, were killed and six were injured. The master and 14 crew were able to board a lifeboat and escape the ship as it sank by its stern. A lifeboat from Seaham then picked the crew up and took them to the coast.

The mine was laid by U-24 on 26th October 1939. U-24 was under the command of Korvettenkapitän Harald Jeppener-Haltenhoff.

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