Finland replaces Prime Minister as fighting with Soviet Union continues

Risto Ryti, new Prime Minister of Finland.

The Prime Minister of Finland replaced on this day in response to the country’s response to Soviet aggression.

The former Prime Minister, Aimo Cajander, was criticized for being too optimistic regarding the threat from the Soviet Union. His optimism and reluctance to address the threat contributed to his lack of preparation for fighting the Soviets, with Finnish troops poorly equipped and mobilized reserve troops lacking even a uniform. Reserve troops were forced to wear their own clothes, and were issued with only a rifle and an emblem to wear on their hats to show they were combat troops.

Aimo Cajander was replaced by Risto Ryti. Ryti would hold the post for just over a year before being elected as president.

The Soviet Union created the Finnish Democratic Republic, a puppet government intended to lead Finland once the Soviets conquered the country. This puppet leadership would eventually be abolished as the Soviets encountered stronger than expected resistance, and were forced to make concessions.

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