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04September 1939

British Royal Air Force bombs German warships

In the first action by Britain, the RAF conducted a bombing raid on the German warships at Wilhelmshaven and Brunsbüttel.

29 RAF aircraft, comprising fourteen Wellington bombers and fifteen Blenheim bombers, took part in the bombing raid. The bombers damaged the German warship Emden. A total of seven British bombers were downed by anti-aircraft fire and Luftwaffe aircraft.

Germany has won the Battle of Pszczyna. When the battle began on 1st September, defending Polish forces had the advantage, but following an error in troop movements, the Germans managed to inflict a number of defeats on the Polish forces.

The invading German forces have encountered unexpected resistance from three manned Polish First World War forts. Two Polish battalions are using the forts to resist the Germans in what will become known as the Battle of Różan.

New Zealand has declared war on Germany. The New Zealand Governor-General, Lord Galway, backdated the declaration so the declaration would be timed with Britain’s declaration of war yesterday at 11am.

In further news, Egypt has broken off diplomatic relations with Germany.

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