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27September 1939

Soviets win Battle of Władypol

After the defeat of Polish forces yesterday at the Battle of Tomaszów, the Polish commander General Władysław Anders was able to escape being surrounded and took 2,500 troops south in an attempt to reach the Hungarian border.

Travelling through the night on horseback, the exhausted troops managed to avoid fighting German forces through a combination of negotiating the return of German prisoners to one German garrison, and being ignored by other German units who were preoccupied with moving back to the Bug River, the line agreed where German and Soviet forces would stop moving forward. As the Germans moved back, and the Soviets moved forward, General Anders was able to move his troops through the temporarily unoccupied strip of land between the two invading armies.

This morning the Polish unit reached the village of Władypol, 135 km away from the Hungarian border. Finding the village occupied by Soviets, Anders sent an envoy to negotiate with the Red Army. The envoy was robbed by Soviet troops and then the Soviets attacked.

In the ensuing battle, the Polish were routed. General Anders was injured three times and repeatedly split his forces into ever smaller units in an attempt to allow them to slip through Soviet lines, but they failed. Anders, along with 1,500 Polish troops, were captured by the Soviet forces.

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