Thursday, 30 May, 2024
05October 1939

Hitler visits Polish capital to review victorious German troops

Adolf Hitler, Führer of Nazi Germany, today travelled to the Polish capital Warsaw to view his conquering army.

Hitler travelled to the capital after four weeks of war, including a devastating 20-day siege and two-day aerial bombardment, of Warsaw which has resulted in much of the city being reduced to rubble.

At 11:30am, Hitler’s plane touched down and he was greeted by generals of his army. His motorcade then departed the airport and entered Warsaw from the east. Hitler, mostly standing in his Mercedes, entered the city and, after climbing a rostrum, reviewed a two-hour march past of his troops. The visit was highly staged for propaganda to be shown back in Germany, and across the world.

The leader of Germany spent a total of two hours in the Polish capital.

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