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01November 1939

China launches Winter Offensive against Japanese Army

On this day, Chinese forces launched a major offensive against the Imperial Japanese Army on multiple fronts. The offensive, which began at dawn, saw Chinese troops make significant gains in several areas.

The Chinese offensive was the first major counterattack against the Japanese since the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War in July 1937. Chinese commanders had said that the goal of the offensive was to retake territory lost to the Japanese and to inflict heavy casualties on the enemy.

Early reports from the battlefield indicated that the Chinese offensive was having a significant impact on the Japanese. Chinese troops had reportedly recaptured several towns and villages, and had inflicted heavy casualties on the Japanese.

The Chinese offensive had come as a surprise to the Japanese military command. The Japanese had expected that the Chinese would be on the defensive during the winter months. However, the Chinese offensive had caught the Japanese off guard, and they had been forced to scramble to respond.

The Chinese Winter Offensive was a major development in the Second Sino-Japanese War. It came as a surprise and shock to Japan.

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