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11November 1939

Nazis burn down large Polish synagogue

On this day, the Nazi party attacked and burned down a large synagogue in occupied Poland.

The Ezras Israel Synagogue in Łódź, Poland was burned down by the Nazis during the Kristallnacht pogrom. The synagogue was one of the largest and most important in Łódź. The Nazis broke into the building and set it on fire. The synagogue was quickly engulfed in flames, and it was completely destroyed.

The Ezras Israel Synagogue was built in 1872 in the Moorish Revival style. It was a large and imposing building, with a capacity of over 2,000 people. The synagogue was the centre of Jewish life in Łódź, and it was used for a variety of religious, social, and cultural activities.

The Ezras Israel Synagogue was never rebuilt.

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