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06December 1939

Battle of Taipale begins in Winter War

On this day, what would become known as the Battle of Taipale commenced. It commenced with an opening bombardment from Soviet artillery in an attempt to weaken Finish defences before the Soviet infantry moved in.

The Battle of Taipale became one of the most intense conflicts of the Winter War. It took place on the Karelian Isthmus near the eastern end of the Mannerheim Line, a series of fortifications constructed by Finland to defend against Soviet aggression.

The Soviets encountered tougher resistance from Finland that expected, with the Finish forces using their knowledge of the terrain to their advantage. The Soviets targeted the Taipale region as part of their broader strategy to break through the Finnish defences and secure a decisive victory.

Over the next three weeks, the battle would continue, with the Finnish forces being better prepared and able to withstand the Soviet attacks.

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