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03November 1939

City of Flint seized by Norwegians and returned to American crew

Today, the story of the SS City of Flint came to an end as Norwegian authorities seized the ship, imprisoning the German prize crew and returning control of the ship to the American crew.

The City of Flint has spent the last few weeks sailing around the seas, attempting to dock at various ports. When it was captured by the German battleship Deutschland, the American crew were imprisoned and a German prize crew given the task of sailing the ship to a friendly port. Attempting Norway at first, the ship was turned away and escorted away by a Norwegian warship. Since then, the German prize crew have attempted multiple times to find a dock.

Today, with the Royal Navy closing in, the German crew were forced to dock in Haugesund, despite the Norwegians refusing entry to the port. As soon as the City of Flint approached, the minelayer HNoMS Olav Tryggvason drew near and its second in command, Bernt T. Dingsør and thirty armed sailors boarded the City of Flint. The American cargo ship was returned to it’s original crew two days later, and they promptly set sail for America.

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